Earlier this morning I wrote a post. I left it at work though and forgot to email it to myself. Frustrating, but this gives me an opportunity to write something new.

I opened YouTube to try and find inspiration. Of course, I fell on Gary Vaynerchuk. You’re going to hear a lot about this guy moving forward but here’s what happened.. I saw him working out.

I thought to myself, interesting, Tai Lopez works out on video as content for the masses. Now I’m listening to Gary tell people things I’ve known for two years (Learned from him), who’re almost crying that they’re learning something from him.

It’s just interesting that he’s been working on the same 15 thoughts for 20 years and people are still piling in looking for the same thing. What this tells me though is that there is a lot of value in the things that are being said.

To fill in the gaps, the white noise is their life. Tai and Gary both do daily vlogs and are showing random events, working out, eating, talks, and their day to day.

And still, Gary talks about the innate success within his funeral concept in the same way that James Altucher talks about success from being an idea machine. I’ve said it before but, these guys are all working from the same ideals, but in their own perspective.

This is what contextual development is about for me. He says it at 4:18.

It’s much smarter to talk to the world about your process through this rather than the advice you think you should give them.

Look, there are two parts to the world. If you believe in dualism, Yin Yang, good and evil; You know there are two parts to the world.

Right now in this conversation, there is the science of the world, and the metaphysical. There are the facts, then there is the empathy. There is the truth, then there are emotions.

I’m sorry folks, I’m very distracted. Time to end this post. Here is the take-aways:

  1. There are two sides to every story
  2. Everyone does the same thing to accomplish the same goals, but context separates what we look like to the rest of us

Ten Ideas for Gary Vee to create new streams of income

  1. Sell a new book of your latest philosophies
  2.  Make a quote book
  3. a two part book series, dirt.. and clouds
  4. get your team to write listicle posts
  5. release the daily vee on podcast

I guess that muscle hasn’t had it’s work out lately.

Also, here is something I really wanted to say…

No matter who I think I am or who I want to be, I know that the answers are right in front of me and so obvious. It’s just so easy to understand the ideals and concepts that people are exercising right in front of you, but if you don’t do them too, (Like Gary and Tai both working out) then you’re not going to get those same results. I cannot express how important it is to understand that you’ve got to know how to do it, but you’ve got to do it too. And you can sit there and explain that all you want, this doesn’t exempt you from having to do it.

This is the reason why I’m writing a post every day. This is the reason why I’m going to a business lunch tomorrow. This is why I’m writing down ideas and sending them to people who can use them. This is why I’m compiling all the good advice that I’ve read over the last few years and turning it into stories of personal experience.


Christopher Doiron

Christopher Doiron is the founder of CADs Academy, an online school that focuses on expanding your mind through contextual learning. He is also responsible for the creation of SocialMarketplace.ca and has authored two books which are available on Amazon.

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