Back in November of 2016 I was 210 lbs and 25% bodyfat. I wanted to make some changes and get fit. I started with a membership at FitForLess. This is probably the 6th gym membership I’ve had in my life. It never works. I don’t really know why, or rather, I didnt know why it doesn’t work.

I get it now and I’ll explain it later. But after I got my membership I went to the gym under a dozen times. I started a whole bunch of stuff, like posting accountability pics on instagram and getting a friend to go with me.

One things rolls into another and eventually I stopped going. It was a good routine too, working out before work. I was feeling good. But I guess I needed more. By December I wasn’t going to the gym anymore but I started making some changes to my diet. We’re talking small changes, things that are easy. Eating more protein, eating smaller meals and I put myself closer to a low carb type diet as I’ve done before.

It was ok. I’ve lost 10-15 lbs from November to February.

No flexing or holding. Legit belly

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Since then I haven’t made many changes. The biggest difference in my life is that I work at GoodLife Fitness. I don’t have a regular workout routine from February to today, in fact, I’ve only started training with a Personal Trainer since May.

This means that November, December and January I made some dietary changes and lost 15 lbs. From February, March and April I’ve lost another 10-15 after having started regularly walking and instructing exercises. From beginning to end I’ve gone from 210 to 185, dropping 25 lbs over 6 months. I’m averaging 1 lb per week.

Having dropped from 25 to 17% bodyfat. Not highly accurate because this means I would have only lost 16.7 lbs of fat, meaning I’ve lost 8.2 lbs in something else like muscle, water and stool.. maybe? None the less, the numbers are getting better and I feel great compared to before.

And here is the current me, as of writing this post

No filters and no flexing. This is the real deal. Big changes since last November!

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