To begin this post, here is some information on the event. I attended the CanFitPro #WorldFitnessExpo hosted in Toronto, Canada from August 18th to 20th.

I was not at all prepared. I went without a backpack. Stupid.

I went without food. That’s smart. It’s easier to buy food at a grocery store once  you’re there.

I stayed at the Delta next to the conference. Smart move!

I didn’t bring my journal. Bad move.

I did however Snap quite a bit of the event, took pictures and took notes on my phone. The notes are below in bold. I’ll scatter some pictures in the post and HERE is the link to the gallery. 

I started the whole thing off with an instagram post of course.

I was under the impression that I might get more attention on my Snapchat if I added this. I think I got 2 more followers.

I then downloaded the #WorldFitnessExpo app. That was a pleasure. Easy to use I guess. Nothing special. It was a way of having everyone at the Expo join together to post and connect without having to be separated by Social Media divisions.

I got more attention on there for a few pictures than I did on Snapchat.

We left Ottawa around 1pm on Thursday and got to the hall around 6pm I think.

Here is a picture of one of the halls you’d walk through going from south to north side and back.

Once we got registered we were given a bag with a few goodies. Nothing special. I took this video for a friend of mine who loves Kangen Water.

Ok. Let’s skip some of the nonsense. Here is a picture of my hotel room view and the list of presenters at the expo.

Once we got settled. It was a coffee and some sleep. The following day was courses and the opening ceremony with Tony Horton and David Patchell-Evans.

Here is the main ceremony room

oh btw, I’m sexy AF

For the next video, Tony comes onto stage at 2:20

And here we are being buddies 😉

After this, I was browsing all around. My notes and the multiple photo locations makes it tough to understand so I’ll just throw it up and talk about it.

I certainly want to learn Yoga. Here is some reading material.

There was some business coaching stuff I’d attended too

And while we were learning about business, there was attention brought onto our habits and lifestyle. Here is a picture of a normal rat and a stressed out rat.

It’s crazy just how much stress takes a hold of us, even after 24 hours.

There was a speaker who was sharing information about testing for imbalances in the body. Here is some reading material for that

And this one is for my buddy again ;P

Towards the end of the night, we’d gone out to diner.

As of Saturday, I took random pictures and started the note taking. From here, I’ll post some pictures in the bold notes and make some comments in regular font to represent my voice today.

Videos of coaching

After the first Personal Trainer Gold Pass Summit speakers, I asked a few questions. I think I asked how I can get into the lives of the clients I have. The problem is that people are eating and living badly while thinking exercise is all they need. I was told to make videos for coaching. This is something I’ve been working on for a while in my mind with CADs Academy.

I need a business coach
You cant rush character development
Most people don’t get results and don’t expect them. Show your results.

Something here to say that people need to see the results. I need to be healthy and fit. I need to have success. And I need to show my work. Why am I not taking before and after pics of my clients?

I’m your face never lies
Your body never lies

When you are yourself. You are stress free.
You words for you and your client. They are powerful.

Writing systematizes your knowledge and brain.
Being at canfit pro separates your knowledge from people on YouTube.Over deliver 

Create a positive routine and mantra. Reinforce a positive can do attitude. Shift your state of mind. Commit energy.
Emotion is energy in motion.

7 core values
Good life values.
Pause. There is a moment of time after an action before a reaction. That’s your moment to be successful.

Layer your positivity. Get your mind right. You gotta be the motivation they don’t have.
Get shorts and clothing and promotional items with CADs fundamental on them. Show people and motivate them. Better every day

Dave froh. Anthony. Twist. Todd durkin. Positive morning routine. Energy mindset. Two rockstar. Shower and shave. Get up. Get ready.

You can only help a client ad far as you’ve helped yourself. Spring hard. Recover hard. Tell a story

The body is your vehicle. If you change someone’s vehicle by 10%, you increase the likelihood of people moving, enjoying and participating in life. Story of the day guys father.

Do what you do best, hire the rest. Does this mean sales? A landscaper?
Treat you life like a business. Who is around you. Your staff. Hires. Training. Leader. Times. Planning. Financial. Organization.

What is your purpose.

This is about that moment when my wife sent me a picture of my daughter

She made a kitty friend!

Lead follow other out of the way.

Start treating your life like a business from the books your reading. You’re not applying your fundamentals anymore.

Align yourself with positive people. We k ow this. But are you doing it?

Can I play guitar and get Better? Yes. Then who are you getting worse with your body? The average of health is wrong because everyone is not aged, they’re broken by choice.

There us something I’m learning about the process that I’m living.

You don’t rise to the challenge. You sink to the level of your Training.

What is the possibility of offering coaching and mentoring at a rate that’s affordable to everyone. Many people cannot afford it. How can we make quality 1 on 1 content affordable.

Maybe people submit content questions and I answer personally but it’s made oublic. Do this for free. Then 1 on 1 coaching for money. Free and ultra oremium.

Create a website where it’s all user submitted questions and content where you answer and publish it.

I need a business coach.

If the shirt doesn’t fit, lose weight gain weight or give it away

The business doesn’t need to be ready to launch. It needs to grow. It only grows if you have people trying it

Read tribes by Seth godin.
Read 1000 true fans.
Read culture Gary vaynerchuk.
Read navy seal ownership, adrian.

Do what you can do. Let other people do everything else. Focus your efforts. Parento and lead domino.

Complexity theory.
Fundamental principles are being lost over time in best practices.

I need to run my business like my business I don’t want a convoluted idea of disjointed add-ons. Ibwanr a streamline process to success for my clients. How would I do this if I was alone without GoodLife. Now do that! This includes programming, photos, followup, and leads. Strip away all the complexity for your clients. Best practices should somplifybthe success path.

How do we Distinguish when and where each oath is correct. Biomechanics and tissuists.

Reread sapiens

The lovely lady on the right is a friend. These two are exercising new thoughts on movement by forcing lateral movement during the lunge.

I believe in spine and nervous system health. The control at a fundamental level of systems that force health and base fitness

6 hours of sleep. 30 % compromised and diabetic for 24 hours. How Did you know This?

What is down regulation

Consciousness to practice. That’s how you change habits

Wud movement told me to do a white board videos for my clients. Get them to ask questions and I’ll answer on my website. They are my customers now.. and when I’m a huge company.

Sustainable health is about life changes. Carry groceries. Stairs over escalator. What to walk and how vs assisted movements. Move slow and burn calories. In comparison.

At this point, I had broken off from the crowd to join my buddy who was participating in a lifting competition.

After this, most of my day was gone. I later went back to courses.

I need better nutrition

Paul chek. My mentor.
Courses for 7 years.

Health check level 2 course

Create a package that new clients get. This includes all the things I offer with training. Assesseements for my holistic style too

Write a song that is the mantra of my day and the things I want to accomplish

Sing this mantra every day.

Published a story. Book due. Not published. Crystal morisette. Michael Doyle.

Editing and meditation. Angela kontgen.
Self vs text book jake rondot.

Write to rose
Hey house

Don’t need to know anyone. Learned how-to market myself contradiction.

Shopping channel. How much did she invest? Took the SC package to heyhey.

Reread my second book. Straight line. Just write it.

Create crowd funding on limit for preorders

10 minutes per presenter.
40 sessions. $100 per head. Overdeliver.
I could have a course running by October.

Stop trying so hard to define the chapters for eat cake. Just write it.

She stutters and and explaining a simple thought. Why think… Just say what it is. Yoga teacher. Insecure.

Umm ya. Ya. Ok

Wrapped around the Vision.

Same marketing issue. Got the Book? Gotta work the boom. But she doesn’t want to buy the top spot?? Contradiction.

That’s aBout all?

Human kenetic. Michael Doyle.

Ghost writer cost. Publishing cut.

Three left.

I just watched him vlovging. Thatvwas eye opening

Next year for the gala. Bring your books and cards. Be prepared. You need to make a name for yourself. Show trainers how it’s done. You need to build your brand. Become the expert you are. Don’t let brandan tell you people won t buy. Theybwill. You just gotta market and find the right ones. Keep your integrity and don’t fight for it, just let people buy from you. Freemium and ultra pay. It’s an illusion. Just build the illusion.

Later at the Award Gala, Rick Campanelli was our MC

Then I had my cheat meal

The following morning I went to a mobility course

Learned some new stuff about Facia.

And then started learning more about coaching from CCF

You can be Scott. Just show people you are and theybwill follow you

Ankle to wrist. Mobile to stable. Borrow from neighbors

robert schleip

Derrick sweet
Download slides from ccf
Buy a book for psycholinguistics

You are not your body.
You are not your thoughts.
You are your intentions

I don’t want this *body as much as I do t want these *thoughts.

You need to be the example of the life you want to help your clients achieve. Don’t think Well, act well.

I have to pay for my life. What do I owe to life for having this 3 day pass.

When people graduate your course, Chris, they get access to yiu. Don’t give it upfront . Offer it once they are conditioned. Offer courses as a way for people to gain access to you

How do I offer low cost coaching.
How do I scale it but keep it personal.
How do I course my premium time.

Create a place where people can ask wiestions. Answer them. Create courses from the material. People to graduate get premium access.

Axe . Could you.
Pick . Can you
Shovel. Possible

Stay in flow. Possibilities.
Have you ever considered. Would you possibly.

Create curiosity
Develop credibility.
Create content . Videos. YouTube. And qanda in site.



Create a mailing list for my clients. The ots. Then consults.

On my website. Video. Email list. Courses. Content.

Girls want a big booty. Give them a booty orogram. They want fat loss. Give it to them. Be the best weight loss expert. Video and program. Give people packages for each. Explain and over deluver. Free. Extensive. Chaptered.. 1 on 1 is expensive though.

I want to figure out what goes where for websites. Then create courses andnfree material. Collect emails and start my coacbing business. Everything I do should represent what I trach. I want to get my shit in order.

The best body transformation analogy is that of saving money. Windows. Patch them. Get new ones. Get good ones. Takes time. Not intuitive.

Sign up to my email list and get your books and courses on weight loss etc.

Make a mantra. I’m a progessional. I am an expert.

Compare your presentations to them. Have material. Reflect… what would you have wanted??

As you can see, I wasn’t horribly prepared but I’m happy at a point that it wasn’t 100% documented. I enjoyed letting my brain take and discard what it wanted.

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