The 6 Aspects of Life – How simple thoughts can improve your life no matter who you are

This is going to be a bit weird for me. I'm trying something new. You see, when I wrote my first book, I came home every night and sat down to write. I'd just write and write until I couldn't take it anymore. It was great while the thoughts were flowing and everything was working out, but the book as a whole lost consistency and had many parts that were just cut and paste. I'm not necessarily trying to fix the inconsistencies for my next book because it's a part of how I write and the reason I enjoy writing, but I do want to try something new. My third book, this one, will be named after CADs Academy's 6 Aspects of Life. I already have cover design and chapter ideas. But I'd like to write here on the blog and come back later to grab the parts that I need for the book. Again, mostly following what I believe when it comes to intellectual property. This should be free, for you and I, and if you ever want to support me, you can do so by interacting with me or buying the book when it comes out. This being said, what should the book be about? Because here on the blog I'm going to be writing it much more self aware, but the book itself will only be the factual pieces I need to move the conversation forward. Well, the book needs to explain what and why the 6 Aspects of Life. You know, when I started writing my first book I already had the title. CADs Fundamentals. Before it was named so, the thought came from CADs Fundamental of Life. It was meant to be a story of these fundamentals that I'd learned of. Simple truths of the universe. If you know who I'm speaking of, Napoleon Hill wrote the 16 Laws of Success. He was a prolific writer and create many courses and booklets, wrote large papers and is responsible for large books and compilations of personal development material. The Laws of Success, written in 15 booklets, was akin to CADs Fundamentals of Life. These simple truths included things like honesty, gratitude, positive affirmations and the Golden Rule. For me, I was defining life and the way it was meant to be lived. It was meant to be lived honestly, passionately, with empathy, hope and vigor. My problem when writing the book was that I hadn't defined the fundamentals to a set number of simple truths, rather, just personal stories that seemed to have a moral meaning. It became a book that was very much about my own perspective without structure and was hard to consume. Hard to consume because it was 400 pages of text about life. It was great for people who enjoy perspectives and reading, but it was a book that should have been a variety of conversations between me and a friend over time. And it was, and still is, because those fundamentals have never changed for me, but they're certainly evolved. What was a mission at the time to write the book and accomplish something has become a stepping stone in my life. It was monumental for me at the time and is now just a piece of my life adding to greater successes and realizations. This being said, The 6 Aspects of Life are my newest version of the 50+ fundamentals. They're a much more organized way of understanding your life, with the same message of progress, but don't focus so much on my personal perspective of wholesome attribution. The 6 Aspects of Life are Physical, Vocational, Social, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. They represent the 6 categories of your life. I'll write a separate post sometime to explain them in more details since that will be a part of the book but the thing that you need to understand is that these are just the categorical parts of your life and it's what you do with them that's the most important thing. One message that came across in my first book which was not originally intended, was that we all have potential as humans and it's our choices that actualize this potential. It may not be practical, but it's possible.  The question is just whether you're going to allow the perception and manifestation of bias, fear and contempt slow you down from achieving what you want. There is no doubt in my mind that, bar physical and mental illnesses that prevent people from achieving certain formalities, success in any of the 6 aspects of your life is 100% possible. It was made very clear to me after writing and publishing my book that any of the thought you've got that you're not able to move forward or obtain some success is a matter of your mind. It's hard to explain because I'm not educated enough to explain it so thoroughly but it's just simply that any of the so called excuses we create are just that, excuses. (more…)

By Christopher Doiron, ago